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Experiments with light waveguides

  • Demonstration light conduction in light waveguides
  • Attenuation in the light waveguide

Light emitting diodes

  • The light emitting diode in the circuit: reverse bias and forward bias behavior
  • Characteristics of light emitting diodes


  • Basic circuit with a photodiode

Solar cells

  • Forward and reverse direction of a solar cell
  • Internal resistance of a solar cell
  • Output and power characteristics of a solar cell
  • No-load voltage of a solar cell
  • Short-circuit current of a solar cell
  • Connecting solar cells in series
  • Connecting solar cells in parallel
  • Converting light energy into motion


  • Photo transistor with base connection, basic experiments
  • Photo transistor equivalent circuit
  • Current gain of the photo transistor

Forked light barrier

  • Forked light barrier with following transistor

Light transmitters and receivers

  • Transmitting sound with the light waveguide
  • Transmitting speech and music with the light waveguide

Components of equipment sets

1 588871S Advanced Science Kit - Set BEL LD
1 588881S Advanced Science Kit - Set ELO 1 LD
1 588882S Advanced Science Kit - Set ELO 2 LD
1 588883S Advanced Science Kit - Set ELO 3 LD
1 521487 AC/DC power supply PRO  0...12 V/3 A LD
1 522621 Function generator S 12 LD
2 68548 Mono cell 1.5 V (IEC R20) LD
1 531120 Multimeter LDanalog 20 LD
2 50144 Connecting leads, 19 A, 25 cm, red/blue, pair LD
2 50145 Connecting lead 19 A, 50 cm, red/blue, pair LD
1 57671 Plug-in board section, STE LD
1 50507 Bulbs, 4 V/0.16 W, E10, set of 10 LD
1 50508 Bulbs, 12 V/3 W, E10, set of 10 LD
1 450651 Electric torch LD
1 30945 Universal pencil LD
Additionally recommended:
1 57937 Micromotor, STE 2/19 LD
1 additionally recommended experiment description:
588 43EN Electronics: Opto-electronics
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