Dissectible Machines System

Dissectible Machines System
Dissectible Machines System

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This trainer provides all the components to perform the full range of student assignments using the Dissectible Machine which enables construction and investigation of different machine assemblies. The System is used to study a wide range of topics, from the principles of magnetic circuits and electrical machine theory through to three phase synchronous machines. The bench-top free-standing frames divide the equipment into two distinct areas. One frame specifically holds all the component parts of the Dissectible Machine on an inventory control panel that also includes connecting lead storage and component storage for couplings. The second frame houses the workstation. It consists of a wide range of AC and DC meters, resistive and capacitive loads and power supplies. The system provides a hands-on approach to the understanding of electrical machines principles.


  • Complete training system comprising 2 panels
  • First panel is to display & store components
  • Second panel is the workstation (running & testing machines)
  • More than 50 types of machine can be assembled
  • Choice of conventional or virtual instruments
  • Comprehensive theory & experimental manual, fully developed course curriculum
  • Thorough construction & testing of electrical machines
  • Machines construction from component parts
  • Magnetic principles to three phase machines
  • Conventional instrumentation pointer type & digital meters
  • DC single phase & three phase motors & generators
  • Protected supplies, meters & connecting leads
  • Safety earthing system
  • Easy benchtop installation
  • Portable machine & system components


  • Baseplate
  • Frame ring
  • Shaft
  • Coupling
  • Fixed & removable bearing housings
  • Wound stator
  • Squirrel cage rotor
  • Hand crank
  • Centrifugal switch
  • Brush holders & brushes
  • Commutator / slip rings
  • Interpoles
  • Armature poles & hub
  • Field poles
  • Armature, field & interpole coils
  • Compound field coils
  • Tools & hardware

The equipment includes demonstration experiments and student experiments in the laboratory. The experiments are carried out using a manual in printed or electronic form

The target group of students and pupils in vocational qualifications. The experiments are designed for a higher level of learning..

The system can be supplemented by equipment’s for measuring, closed loop control, control and electrical machine’s


  • Elementary AC & DC   generators
  • DC. series motor & generator
  • DC shunt motor & generator
  • DC compound motor & generator
  • DC separately excited generator
  • Single AC induction motor
  • Squirrel cage, 2 pole & 4 pole
  • Single phase AC series universal motor
  • Single phase AC   repulsion motor
  • Single phase AC synchronous motor
  • Generator, 2 pole & 4 pole
  • Single phase AC generator, rotating field
  • Single phase AC. generator, rotating armature
  • Three phase AC induction motor, squirrel cage, 2 pole & 4 pole
  • Three phase AC synchronous motor, 2 pole
  • Three phase AC synchronous generator, 2 pole
  • AC brushless generator
  • Stepper motors
  • Shaded pole induction motor
  • Split field series motor
  • Dynamic braking of a DC motor
  • Power factor correction of AC motors
  • Synchronisation
  • Synchronous motor characteristics
  • Pole-changing induction motor
  • DC shunt motor faults
  • 4 pole induction motor faults

Components of equipment sets

1 62-005-230 Complete Dissectible Machines System FB
1 62-005-120 Complete Dissectible Machines System FB
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